The 2018 Meeting of Undergraduate Evaluation and Assessme...
 May 29, 2018
​On May 5th, 2018, the undergraduate evaluation and assessment work meeting for Physical Education majors of colleges and universities in Henan Province was held in the electrical classroom of the... [详细]
Our School Held the 2018 Faculty Fun Sports Meeting
 May 29, 2018
​On the afternoon of April 15th, the Faculty Fun Sports Meeting of School of Physical Education was held at the West Track and Field of Minglun campus in 2018.There were 10 teams of faculty member... [详细]
The First Stage Competition of Men and Women Volleyball H...
 May 29, 2018
​ In order to activate the amateur cultural life of the faculty, advocate the teachers to actively participate in the national fitness activities and improve their physical and mental health, acco... [详细]
Our School Held the Fifth Meeting of the Fifth Staff Repr...
 May 29, 2018
​On the afternoon of March 22, the Fifth Meeting of the Fifth Staff Representatives Session of School Labor Union was held in the electric classroom. School leadership and all faculty representati... [详细]